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Founder Chairman, MRGI
Hon'ble Minister, Labour & Employment, Factories, Women & Child Welfare and Skill Development, Govt. of Telangana State

"Intellectuals are not born but are made. They leave a trail with unmatched perseverance and rocky commitment in their principled endeavors. Visionaries' logical and reasonable encounters in their walks of life, become values; these conscientious values are irradiating millions of student fraternity kindling their careers. This millennium poses numerous challenges to educational institutions who chant quality mantra. An institution of par excellence, has reached unflinching success, in its strides of imparting quality education. This was achieved by the Chairman of MRGI, in all his humble and charismatic ways. Owing to all this, MRGI has become a house-hold name. It has become the destination point for scintillating success and unparralled careers. As the largest Hi-tech, State-Of-art facilitated private campus in Southern-India, it is catering to the needs of technical explosion. "


" Dr. Ch. Bhadra Reddy is a highly qualified professional with an M.D. in medicine. With his youthful presence and a proactive approach, he tirelessly endeavors to shape the destiny of the student community by imparting quality education in a conducive environment, thereby motivating the students to successfully meet the contemporary needs of the industry. "


" We are living in an era where technology is advancing faster than we could have imagined. Inorder to keep pace with the changing scenario, we need to acquire professional education, which will help us in developing our resources catering to the global needs.

The choice of a college where you will pursue professional education and which will provide you the place from where you will embark on your first journey towards your career is an important decision.

We at MRECW, from the very inception emphasized on imparting quality education in various disciplines of engineering. During the past eight years we have made lot of efforts to make MRECW as one of the best engineering institutes in the country.

The faculty members of the institute are selected carefully and updated continuously by exposing them to the recent technical innovations. The atmosphere at MRECW is friendly, cordial and perfectly suited to all round development of the students. "
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