Alumni association (Reg no.1092 /2011)
President :: Anesa (Asst. Prof)
Vice President :: Vamsi (Student)
Secretary :: Nrupen Samrat Reddy (Student)
Joint Secretary :: Shashank Reddy (Student)
Treasurer :: Prasad Dasari (Asst. Prof)
Members :: Sailaja Tarini, Pranitha.
Aims & Objectives
  • To Improve the standards, Quality, unity of MRCP.
  • To maintain unity among the members.
  • To help poor and needy members.
  • To create and develop good will ,co operation and friendship among the all members and secure peace and work minutes to archive social and educational objects.
  • To organize games ,sports and cultural activities.
  • To solve the problems of the members on social grounds.
Year planning:
The total amount of the fund collected from Alumni members Rs  14750/-
Alumni meet expenditure Rs  2500/-
Social Work:
1  To Donate books to poor students  
 2  To Conduct blood donation camp  
Academic Work:
1  To Donate some books to college library  
2  To Donate the sport kit to college and presenting memos to the winners on sports meet 2013
Future Planning-
  • Conduct Alumni meet every year
  • Continuation of social and academic works
  • Communicating the alumni members
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