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Faculty Profile
Name Dr.K.VijayaSri
Date of Birth 31-08-1974
Educational Qualification M.Pharm,Ph.D
Area of Specialization Phamaceutics,PhamaAnalysis
Subjects teaching at
Under Graduate Level
Post Graduate Level
BioPharamaceutics,Phamacokinetics,QA,Instrumental method Analysis
PhycalPharmacy,Orgnic Chemistry,Pharamaceutics
Work Experience Teaching      13Years
Research       1.5 Years
Industry -            Nil
Others   -            Nill
Research guidance Masters's 50
Ph.D. 1
No.of papers published
National Journals     50     
International Journals    07
Conferences                   12
Projects Carried out Nill
Patents 1
Technology Transfer Nil
Research Publications 57
Number of Books published
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